Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What Nappies Do I Use?

Between working out how much they weighed 39 days ago at the last plunket meeting, price weighing up, working out which gender your child is (it's probably been a long day) the choice in nappies is RIDICULOUS!!!

Cloth nappies? 

To those on a budget an essential! Don't even bother with the one's you have to fold, clip and turn three times just head online, purchase a few dome ups with liners (either flushable or bamboo) and you'll never look back. Flushable linings are a god send especially when it comes to 'I'm gonna crap all over the place mum.'

I recommend Nappy Needz as they have adjustable sizes saving you even more long term!

What I have learnt about disposable nappies:

The great debate between Treasures and Huggies.

Treasures Newborns contain EVERYTHING better during the first few months. NOTE for first time mothers: remember to pull the side flaps inbetween the crutch out. These are also a few dollars cheaper than huggies

As you move up (10-15kg toddler) the Treasures waist band is a little small (or babys tummy a little big) so for better support and 'poo management' I suggest paying the few extra dollars for the huggies as you will be changing outfits all day with treasures.

Don't bother with any other brands until they get older and only need it for caution as NO other nappy even absorbs fluids and they end up with wet clothes constantly.

Of course every baby is different, but at least you have somewhere to start for now!

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