Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sex-Positive Parenting Rocks

I just read the most interesting blog today:

"We Don't Touch our Vulvas at the table." This Sex-Positive Mom rocks

My poor dad was left with my sister and I when I had just reached the age of 12. Let's just say I was extremely lucky not to be pregnant a lot early than 23 :) I really want to build a strong foundation of great self-esteem and amazing confidence for Summer for when she grows up but I can't do that if I'm contradicting myself by telling her there are parts of her that she should be ashamed of!

So now I'm taking the time to become more Sex-positive educated so I have the right lessons to teach Summer at the right stages :) If she asks I will be honest and tell her no such cabbage and stork fairytales. I want her to be able to ask me anything.

Anyway make sure you read the blog linked above, it's a real eye opener.
And please let me know  any opinions or advice you might have about the subject!!!

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