Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Single mother life - The perks, the jerks and the what nots

Holy Mother of God! 

Here I was comfortable with my life, writing blogs, running a kids music tutorial studio, spending time with Summer (Miss ALMOST two). Then ...... One day... I found out:

I'm PREGNANT! !! !! Again!!

Excitement, tears of joy set in with such a lot of Happiness (and hormones I guess).

Turns out someone else didn't want another one. ......

So after a long and exhausting relationship, I packed up the car, packed up Summer and....

I bloody well left that jerk. 

It's now almost 3 months later and Holy Mackerol am I having fun!!!!

I've taken up studying full-time, moved into my little flat with Summer and found out:



I thought I would share some things with my fellow readers, mums and such that I have learnt from single motherdom:

  • You are it -- there is nobody else to take over mum duties
  • Mothers do not get sick
  • If mothers do get sick, they can't stay in bed all day
  • Bed is a forbidden place between 7 am - 7 pm
  • There is no paper, scissors, rock --- You ARE getting up
  • You are "Dead on your feet" 5 seconds after you put them to bed
  • You will develop more patience
  • Friends will appear when you thought you had none
  • Other Friends won't want to know "a single mother"
  • The same applies to family
  • Life gets harder
  • Life gets easier
  • You will cry more
  • You will smile more
  • You will love more
  • You will make more effort 
  • You will worry more
  • Child-free weekends will consist of house-work and sleep
  • You will be able to fit more into your day than Jack Bauer

Just remember, most importantly:

You can do it! 

Lets see if I hold the same opinion in 18 weeks when child #2 arrives!

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