Monday, January 20, 2014

Newborn Photography (With NZ Links)

So if you are like me and had far more important things on your to do list  than hiring someone to photograph your newborn then these tips, tricks and important information is perfect for a quick overview on how to find your Newborn Photographer.
What your photographer should provide?

Depending on price, Professional, experienced photographers should all provide or organize the following so it pays to ask in advance;

--- Safety First ---

This should be a given for a Newborn Photographer but it's definitely worth sorting out beforehand. If there are cushions placed below the baby then this should be done so the baby can not come to any harm. Personal items such as musical instruments should be photographed separately then added together so the baby is placed on a stable surface. 

--- The best time ---

The best time to get your babies photo is within the first 10 days as a newborn baby sleeps a lot, sleeping baby means there isn't going to be too much stress on you. No flailing, and fingers crossed, no crying makes for a great photo.

--- Heating ---

Naked or Just nappy baby photos are the best but naked baby means cold baby. Make sure if you are shooting at a photographers studio that they are supplying heating.

--- Variety of Props ---

Depending on style you want to make sure that the photographer has a great variety of specialized newborn props. Of course you don't want to take away from the main feature, your darling newborn, but an array of props will hopefully make a wonderful addition to each photo.

Where to find Great Newborn Photographers?

This is my darling who was premature so was unable to get an early newborn shot and boy did we pay. She was grumpy, crying, we picked a terrible location and we hired a cheap photographer. These shots are worth paying more for.

Since then I have been scouring photographer's sites and pages to find the best of New Zealand in Newborn Photography. I will link up their sites and locations (NZ) below, and if I gain permission, I will gradually add some of their examples so you can have an idea of excellent Newborn Photography.

----- Auckland (Waitakere) ---- "Zandy J Photography"

The top of my list of Newborn photographers or photographers in general is "Zandy J Photography" The image quality is exceptional, customers only have great feedback and the images speak for themselves. If you want beautiful photos of your newborn, there is no beating this photographer. 

----- Dunedin ----"Christina Jade Photography"

I love this photographer because of the natural feel that they bring to their shoots. They have an array of props for newborns and the photos look spectacular. The customer service seems friendly and comfortable. Check out their website here.

----- Christchurch --- "Kim Hamblin Photography"

The reason this photographer stuck out was that they focused on the baby, and built the images simplistically around them while still making them the main feature. The images are beautiful and eye catching.  

Displaying IMG_0073-Edit.jpg

Displaying Christchurch Baby Photographer Kim Hamblin Potography Baby Isla2.jpg

Displaying IMG_8514.jpg

---- Wellington ---- "Antonia's Photography"

These images aren't over photoshopped allowing a definite natural feel to the photos. I featured this one as I love the construction of the images, so original and it feels like you are really in the moment.

These are all my favourite picks from the main centres but I definitely encourage you to look around as what I might like others may not. However these photographers listed above provide beautiful image quality and standard that should never be missed for such special moments.

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  1. So this blog post was posted in a newborn photog group, and what a surprise to see a familiar face at the top! Excellent list of photographers, and glad to see you're well and happy.