Thursday, January 30, 2014

Two videos a new mother must watch

It isn't very often that I will post a video on my blog but I saw this women, a "New's Anchor", that spoke out to a bully that had defined her as 'Obese' and sent her a very critical email insulting her. What rung true to me while watching this was her statement
"This behaviour is learnt"
 This worries me that parents are bringing up children to be critical and this lady shown below has some very inspirational words to speak. I thought I might share this video in hope that other parents, like me, realize they aren't perfect and take more responsibility in how their child responds to other people.

Okay so the next video isn't exactly a "Must Watch" but after every bit of poo you wipe up, vomit you clean and crying you soothe, it's hard to remember the good times. Here is a bit of a light hearted video that will lift your spirits no matter what sort of day you are having! Check out this baby laughing hysterically at a dog eating popcorn.

Two things to think about both for the future and the appreciation of the present! A good, thoughtful night in this household anyway.

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