Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Has TV Become To PC For Our Kids?

Poupon--- Yes I giggled like a 5 year old! Poupon Mustard,
("I Poupon my Kids Lunches")
Have a watch :)

I recently read an article that they had banned this commercial as soon as it was aired. Of course they have broadcasting standards to uphold but it got me to thinking has "What we allow" our children to see become too PC.

This is from a child that was brought up watching the Simpsons, and whose parents brought her the South Park Nintendo 64 game because they didn't realise it was child inappropriate. Modern day parents would be called 'Neglectful' if they allowed their children to watch "filth" like that.

My parents were far from neglectful, they were so busy, they didn't have the time to watch everything and make sure it fitted into the 'safe' category. They just left us to it, but we didn't mind! They trusted that if anything got too scary, inappropriate or generally AO then we would turn it off or change the channel. We even had TVs in our rooms so we could leave them for some quiet time.

My sister and I never spent time copying them, we just enjoyed the story line and great humour. Since it wasn't a big deal, we never made it one. Then when real life didn't throw us unicorns and rainbows, we understood that not everything in life has a happy ending. It made us more open minded and educated us on life a lot more than sesame street or scooby doo could ever do. (Two of my favourite programs as well)

Some people would argue that it taught us to grow up too fast. Instead it taught us to question everything, search for answers not just within the children's realm and helped us to discover the power of knowledge. We both read a lot, more than our friends and were both reading Adult themed novels at an early age.

I believe the fact that our parent's were trusting us with the TV and its content without parental lock, or constant supervision really helped us grow into better people.

Now I'm not saying to go out and buy the latest "Grand Theft Auto" so your child can go around killing prostitutes. I'm saying if you don't make it a big deal, it won't seem like a reward to your children if they get a late night glimpse at a "Family guy" episode. My guess is they probably wouldn't understand it anyway.

I hope the Poupon ad gave you a good laugh! I would love to hear your opinions or experiences on whether TV has become to PC :)


  1. HAHA! I had a good laugh about the killing prostitutes I'm all about balance and unnecessary censorship is a disservice to everyone. Sorry but if we're going to be super sensitive sissies that are easily offended and choose to be sheltered, how are we going to deal with real life? Terrible shit goes on all around the world and I'm not saying let's throw it in kids' faces but let's not go overboard with the control either.

    1. Haha! I love it! If we allow it, society would like to turn our kids into "Super sensitive sissies" so I'm glad at least two of us have the understanding of 'good balance'! (Who knows they might stop it happening :) Thanks for the comment!