Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Next Chapter!

So I have been super quite around here the last few days. I have had a decent excuse I promise! My nana, aka Summer's Great Nana, has asked for another DVD of Summer. You may remember the first one I made of 0-8 months from a previous blog, well I promise I have attempted to improve my film making skills. Who knows by the time she is ten I might be able to add subtitles :).

Anyway I wanted the perfect music and I was wondering around humming to radio the other day. The most beautiful song came on, about just appreciating life that was given to us. Although it might not be about that at all... My song interpretation is a little off every now and then. (I can't listen to 'Trumpets' by 'Jason Derulo' anymore after my less-naiive friend told me what it was really about). So I found the perfect song.

Next I moved on to my favourite videos and photos of the last few months, and after many hours of editing Ouila!

I was so excited I had to share it with everyone! It's impossible to capture her sparkle through the lens, mostly because I need to invest in a better camera  and because she is pure joy just being in the same room as her :)

Anyway here is the video for your enjoyment:


  1. It's so sweet you make these videos!! Nana is going to love it but so will Summer! Does Summer like watching her videos right now? I know Dylan is obsessed with watching clips of himself on my phone- but this is also the same baby that runs up to the mirror and kisses himself...narcissist alert!

    1. Lol! I just tried to make her watch it but anything that isn't on tv (aka sesame street) isn't worth watching in her books :) Awwww he sounds "self confident" which is a wonderful quality and one that is lacking in most people these days!