Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why I won't be lying to my children!

When little miss grows up, I intend to tell her about Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny. However when she comes to me later and asks the question:

"Mum, are they real?"

I will answer honestly, "Maybe darling, although there is no proof so if they are real they must be exceptionally clever."

Not only will this entice her into imagining a more complex Santa/bunny, it will help culture her into the way that she should always talk to others. Honestly without crushing their hopes and dreams.

I'll always remember the day on the bus at the age of 9, having just spent the Christmas holidays imagining whole new facets of the Father Christmas extreme. One girl piped up

"Oh that's right, Tumara still believes in Santa Claus."

Do you know what I replied, what I truly and wholeheartedly believed so innocently;

"My mummy told me that he was real so he must be."

This is the reason why I will never lie to my child, because as soon as I found out they had lied to me for sooo many years about all these imagined things, I lost all hope. Over dramatic I know, but after that, I always had a niggle of doubt when they told me something.

I don't ever want Little miss to have this niggle...... I may wander around the truth but I will never point blank lie to her. I believe the lines of communication and trust start from the moment they are born and forge a path for their future.

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